Book Bank

Rules to be Followed

  •  Application form intending borrowers will be invited at the beginning of every academic session and books shall be issued to the application on the basis of merit and poverty subject to availability of books.
  •  Each borrowers has to pay 10% of the printed price of a book at the time of borrowing and the money so collected has to be deposited in a subsidiary account to be called the Book Bank fund.
  •  Books borrowed from the Bank are to be returned within 5 days after respective Annual University Examination. Failing to return the book within the prescribed period a fine of Rs. 1/- per day shall be levied from the borrower.
  •  In any case of mutilation or loss the fine shall be prescribed by the Librarian which shall not exceed the total printed cost of' the book.
  •  Each borrower can take maximum 4 books subject to availability.
  •  In all matters Book Bank the decision of the Principal is final and binding.